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Walking In The Dark.

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Foreword: Dementia, it's a devastating,cruel life robbing disease. It not only affects those diagnosed, but it also has a profound  effect on their families and loved ones. This is my take in verse from a personal perspective of losing a loved one to dementia.

Noticing a memory now lost On the tip of her tongue once was Scrabbling around the rooms of her mind Disappeared, at a loss in time...

There it once was, she's sure it was Enveloped, surrounded by fog..

She wonders what is going on Her mind is stuck, scratched record on turntable wheel gone Dying cells undone Now the ultimate boss..

Is it her age, unsure, in doubt After all she is only 48 We'll think of an excuse, we're sure we will Doctors know not Fills me with hate Don't worry we'll get up this hill

Start the fight for an unknown cause Before it's far too late For her I want the answer too Awaiting a never arriving applause..

Or maybe it's just because...

Person once known fading away Like sunset beyond the horizon

Darkness sweeps across our land To hide the devastation, the crying

Eyes twinkle dwindling Silence now deafening Laughter lines now lay still

Person once known, in constant hiding... Uncontrollably hurtling downhill

What did she do, I ask in life gone by To be dealt such a cruel perverse hand?

Her cards were loaded Mind dead, corroded Had she ever been that bad?

Life enjoyed gone Savagely snatched away Left searching her desolate land

Shell now left Loved ones bereft Farewell, left behind her always loved man..

Sands of time, they cannot be halted Whipped by storms eroding her mind Her light now dimming No longer winning, in the battle she died

In the light she now walks Dying mind no longer stalks Free at last from her dementia shackles and chains..

It's those left behind, With breaking of heart Always playing on the mind

Are left to wander Walking in the dark..

(©) Dom Giddy 2019

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