• Dom Giddy

To The Horizon We Gaze.

Foreword: Whilst out walking, I heard my favourite bird song. The song of the blackbird. You really begin to hear this bird song more often in spring. Hearing this during these uncertain times gave my heart hope inspiring me to write this piece..

Blackbird song fills the air The chirps of hope Fight back the despair

But darkness won't win, nor will it wear..

As it's song travels on Our community spirit and love destroys the fear..

Of a nation, and community whole Come together as one..

A nation enrolled, never to run..

Show love and understanding With a hope we share common grounds Hope like blackbird song in spring abounds..

To the future we look With a little uncertainty To the horizon we gaze, hopeful eternally..

As blackbird flys Black against blue sky Even amidst the chaos, no hopes can be denied..

(©) Dom Giddy 2020