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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Foreword: When asked how I am, whether by those closest to me, who know my mental health battles, or those who are not familiar..this piece is my interpretation how overwhelming one simple question can be to me.

How are you?

How you doing'?

Do I really answer with

I feel hopeless and ruined?

Are you OK?

How you feeling'?

Is it odd that on some days compared to an hour ago

I'm mentally exhausted and free wheeling?

What's up?

You don't seem yourself today?

I've no idea I think to myself

As all of my masks start to fray..

Which one to wear?

Which one to be?

On any given day

All could be me..

The simplest of questions so easy to ask

Yet to find the answer

For me?

Is the hardest of tasks..

They hurt my brain

They make it feel numb

As black as night sky

Devoid of the sun..

Can you smell burning?

Can you smell a fire?

I think it's my brain

With its malfunctioning wires.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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