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  • Dom Giddy

Inferno Mind

Foreword: The ramblings of my busy mind.


So pedantic

Ego so huge

Electrifying seed of wit you planted..

In the minds of a nation

Your deluded sedation

So deep in and full of it

So high above your station

You look at me

I wonder what you see

A weaker man than you?

My strength lays inside of me..

A weaker man of truth?

You surmise and sit aloof

Distracted by your limitations

On your pedestal above the proof..

That's all around you now

I rise from hush to row

Challenge once beloved belief

Never sacrifice a sacred cow..

For humble and quiet

Is I for far too long

I'm far from perfect

But your power is wrong

Rise like fire

One day I'll find

No more embers

Inferno mind.

©) Dom Giddy 2021

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