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Giddy Clan.

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Foreword: I've  always been aware how unusual my families surname is. As far as I am aware it was looked into quite a few years ago now. Apparently it's origins are in Cornwall and the family business was surrounding smuggling! I thought I'd write something about my family and our rather odd surname.

The Giddys are a funny clan As depicted by their name Having to spell it a lot we are It really is a pain

Yes, that's right G I double D Y Do I need to spell it again?

Originating from the Southwest it came Cornish shores awashed Smugglers we follow in their fame Do we really give a toss!?

With tales of smuggling, plunder and cash Apparently is its olde worlde meaning To be honest I think it's really great Even if the facts are slightly leaning..

Towards the outer edges of what's true Just like Giddy seniors, The Guvnors belly

An appetite quite large he has It really does amaze me

He should be on the news you know If not, surely on the telly...

He may be small He may be short But please don't let that fool you A heart bigger than a Lion he has And he's taller than a poodle!

And so we move to dear old mum Yes she's long gone but never forgotten Missed each and every day that's gone At times I feel quite rotten

But then I smile when I sit and think Happy memories fill my mind Sadness but a hint you know Mum, our Christine, so very kind

Misty eyes gone with a fearsome blink..

Glum once there, now it's  on the run Her funny phrases I loved so much Like yum yum pigs bum!

And of course we have Wendy Who joined the clan Quite a while ago now...

Once a Simpson Then she had a glimpse of That funny ole Giddy name...

Married to Dad In their own pad In the depths of Easton Maudit...

To see the guvnor happy again I really have to applaud it

Of course we mustn't forget The eldest of da boys You know the one Bald headed one Him with all the noise...

Ya man, the one, yes my bro My bouncer, my protector That fearsome chap For as long as I can remember

Looks deceive all who see Ask, is that Phil Mitchell off Eastenders?

And then there's Woo There's who? Yes Woo, It is a funny name..

Stuck with her since childhood gone  Nickname only herself to blame

Louise her middle name Allegedly too hard to say Try as she may There was no way...

Was it all in vane?

Apparently not She's accepted her lot As Woo is what we call her...

Woo? Who, Woo? Yes Woo You too? As I said it is a funny name

I mustn't forget Helen The one by my side Another Giddy Gang member...

She is rather pretty, Iincredibly gritty No mistaking she's of the opposite gender..

Never has she left me No doubt wanted to punch me I think I'll run off and hide!

Once a Morris, and now a Giddy She took on the unusual name From May 2001 I feel like I've won Mostly sunshine with only occasional rain.

You would think she would've lied About a surname so daft When asked to spell it again People are left in the dark And are left to remark Ooh, what a funny name!

Additions to the tribe In years gone by Are Rosie, Jack Archie and Scarlett All Giddys they are Living near, living far Get togethers always a riot

And then there's me, we all call Dom Writer of these musings You're probably thinking this poem's rather long But hopefully not too confusing

If you will a little ditty To present before you all As we're all together I think it rather witty I was hoping to enthrall

Giddys have come And Giddys will go Over time, leave their mark on this world Passed into history Not quite a mystery Like the name on a flag unfurled

As said before Even before verse 4 We are the Giddy clan As depicted by our name Having to spell it again It really is a pain

And on we say Makes my poor brain fry When over it again we go...

Yes, that's right G I double D Y Really? You want me to spell it again!?

(©) Dom Giddy 2018

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