• Dom Giddy

First Thought

Foreword: I wrote this about self doubt, about how I think others see me, perceive me. About how my mind tricks me into thinking because I don't hear from people, it must always be my fault. It's my words on how in reality, despite these often unfounded thought patterns, I know God loves me and knows me.

Why is my first thought?

When you don't speak

That it must be me?

Whose constantly on repeat..

Why is my first thought?

When I don't hear

It seems to matter not

Whether you're far or near..

Why is my first thought?

Well, it's obviously me

Wrack my brain to think

Why so shallow, when I'm in deep? Why is my first thought?

Am I as dispensable as a fallen leaf?

Which is odd I fear

As for those of you who think you know me Would rub your eyes in disbelief..

Why is my first thought?

What others think of me?

When God my creator, forever saviour

Loves me, despite of me..

So although my first thought?

Has inevitably been how others do perceive

Despite my fears, despite my doubt

Your promise is love for me.

(©) Dom Giddy 2020

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