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  • Dom Giddy

Distractions & Reactions

Reoccurring thoughts are my default setting, there's no denying once the switch is thrown..

The cogs begin to grind, the workings start to moan, as the unconscious uncomfortable behaviours won't leave me alone.

A distraction gaining traction, whilst the loudest of claxons, alerts my mind and body to scarper..

My feet losing grip as I try my best to escape,

why does it always get harder?

From my pockets fears fall and scatter, for all to see and flout..

In this chaotic auction room of my mind, I can hear every scream and shout..

Waved like patriotic flags, they're held aloft to the highest bidder..

If I try to convince myself I'm strong

Maybe my mind will reconsider?

But everywhere I look is a familiar scene

A map book with the pages torn out..

I've no idea, what does this mean?

Is it a mysterious metaphor to hint my fire of self doubt still rages, hasn't yet burned out?

The entire countries fire brigade has arrived, in their history, no doubt their biggest shout..

This distraction still gaining traction, stubborn like a rotten tooth extraction

Pulling at the roots so deep buried yet trapped so often by my own self inflicted misconceptions

Day dreaming is where I go sometimes to escape my fears

Music fills my here and now as

Sheryl plays run baby run in my ears

Some days it's easier to use day dreaming as a form of escapism distractions

Than bow down to my own stubborn mental health reactions.


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