another viewpoint...

As well as writing poetry, I also enjoy writing about life and being a father. I write on the subject of depression and my personal experiences of living with this mental health condition .  


I find writing as a powerful way of cleansing my mind. I also write as an aid in order to remember these experiences and feelings to both help me, and others.

Using The Way I See It link below will take you to my now archived As a Hat Mad Blog! 

The Way I See It

Titles you can read there are:

  • Crossroads - Another Day In Time

  • Faith - It's just like Wi-Fi!

  • Inevitable Destination

  • The Rolling Mist

  • And On as a Father I Wander

  • Another Attempt

  • The World, The Turmoil

  • The World Keeps On Turning

  • It's a Funny Thing Being a Dad

  • I Am Me

  • 45 but fortified?