Let me tell you a story..

As well as writing poetry, blog entries about being a father, and everything else in between, I like to write short stories. I am in the process of writing a story for my daughter. I intended it to be a short affair. However, the word count is steadily rising! I hope one day to try my hand at writing a book.


It seems apt that the first short story on this page was one of my very early works, written in the year 2000. 

I hope you enjoy..

My stories as they are written will be added below.


Short Stories

1. The Quest

Published Works

You can also find two of my works published in Soon, A New Day, from Tribulation to Celebration. Available on Amazon here and published by Quill Keepers Press

Soon, A New Day anthology is a collection of poetry, short stories, essays and memoirs around the center theme of new beginnings, rebirth and rising Phoenix. Thirty-five artists from across the world came together to share their stories of strength, hope, and light. There is sure to be a poem or short-story that every reader can identify with. It is our hope, that these first-hand accounts will speak to the humanitarian within you. It is our hope, that these first-hand accounts will reach within your heart and touch and light-up your soul. It is our hope, that these first-hand accounts will leave you feeling fortified and strengthened, as if you walked through the fire with the these creative minds themselves.