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   Always write for yourself, write with a passion for the words.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit my website. Having you take a look, makes the writing process for me even more worthwhile! On this site you will find information on me as a writer, including  work both past and present.


Born in Essex UK in 1973, second son to a loving mother and father, I had a childhood full of love and parents who only wanted the best for myself and my older brother. 

My love of writing started when I was a young secondary school student. I went to an unexciting run of the mill state school during the 80's. There was very little to inspire or excite me there. I was a very average student, with very under average grades. One subject however lit the touch paper of my imagination. That subject was English. One particular teacher I remember, although very strict who certainly would not suffer fools at all, would bring stories and the written word alive for me.


I started to write poetry into adulthood in order to help manage a particularly intense bout of depression. I felt completely lost, alone and helpless. The only way at the time I could think of to deal with it, was to put it into words. To bring it alive, drag it kicking and screaming into the light, in an attempt to make it less daunting.  

I am a Christian and try to highlight through my writing that being so does not make me immune from the struggles life throws at us. nor am I perfect or better than anyone else. I write when inspiration strikes, which could be anywhere, and at any time of the day or night. I can often be found feverishly tapping away into the notepad app on my phone when an idea comes to me! 

So there you have it my lovely readers! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my work.

Please respect and be aware that all of my work is (©) Copyright to myself and should not be reproduced or copied without consent. 

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Thank you.

Dom G

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